Picture of assorted folk instruments

Playlist for February

Here is the tune order for February, we’ll play each tune 3 or 4 times.
We’ll have a short break around 9 PM and I doubt that we will get to the end of the list by 10PM. After 10PM it’s a regular session, with any tune or song and at any (sensible) speed.
  1. Uncle Bernard
  2. Young Collins
  3. Tip Top Polka
  4. Hunt the Squirrel
  5. Rattlin’ Bog
  6. Set 2: Galopede + Portsmouth
  7. Constant Billy
  8. Speed the Plough
  9. Three Around Three
  10. Will’s Way
  11. Albert Farmer
  12. Bear Dance
  13. Set 1: Oyster Girl + Captain Lanoe
  14. Moon and Seven Stars
  15. Plane Tree
  16. Lemmie Brazil’s #2
  17. Fox and Geese
  18. Sussex Polka
  19. British Grenadiers
  20. Cock of the North
  21. Sussex Cotillion
  22. Salmon Tails
  23. Michael T’s Waltz
  24. Jimmy Allen
  25. Man in the Moon
  26. Sussex Carol

I look forward to seeing you all on 1st Feb.

Please remember to thank our host, Jason, and to support the bar during the evening.