Picture of assorted folk instruments

Playlist for May

Here is the tune order for May; we’ll play each tune/set 3 or 4 times.
We’ll have a short break around 9 PM and I doubt that we will get to the end of the list by 10PM – previously we’ve reached about number 20.
After 10PM it’s a regular session, with any tune or song and at any speed.
  1. Salmon Tails
  2. Hunt the Squirrel
  3. Constant Billy
  4. Dot free zone:
    1. Young Collins
    2. Uncle Bernard
  5. British Grenadiers
  6. Tip Top Polka
  7. Cock of the North
  8. Set 1: Oyster Girl + Captain Lanoe
  9. Speed the Plough
  10. Plane Tree
  11. Shropshire Lass
  12. Fox and Geese
  13. LNB Polka
  14. Set 3: Albert Farmer + Harlequin Air (+ Shropshire Lass?)
  15. Will’s Way (+ LNB Polka?)
  16. Michael T’s Waltz
  17. Bear Dance
  18. Set 2: Galopede + Portsmouth
  19. Mount Hills
  20. Moon and Seven Stars
  21. Lemmie Brazil’s #2
  22. Three Around Three
  23. Sussex Polka
  24. Man in the Moon
  25. Sussex Cotillion
  26. Rattlin’ Bog
  27. Jimmy Allen
  28. Sussex Carol

I look forward to seeing you all on 5th April.

Please remember to thank our host, Jason, and to support the bar during the evening.