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February 2020

The new tune for this month is “Traveller’s Joy”. There’s a descant voice for the A part so I suggest that we play it through with everyone on the tune to start with and then those that feel so inclined can move to the descant. It’s a simple, repetitive, tune so it would be great if most people could try and learn it!
Edited to add: it ends on an A part.
There’s also a new set, Set 13: Hunt the squirrel – Sussex Carol.

Traveller’s Joy
Set 13 Hunt The Squirrel – Sussex Carol

The full PDF score, which includes everything to date: Feb 2020

The playlist for February: Feb 2020 Play List.
This lists all the tunes in our repertoire and shows this month’s playing order for each of the two halves of the evening. We’ll play each tune 3 or 4 times and have a short break around 9 PM. After 10PM it’s a regular session, with any tune or song and at any speed.

Please remember to thank our hosts, Jason and Lisa, and to support the bar during the evening.

Recording (remember that there are apps, software and web tools that will slow things down if needed):
Traveller’s Joy (note the lack of dots, and also the way the music lifts when the descant voice comes in.)

ABC notation:

T:Traveller's Joy
C:Janet May
"A" c>d ed/2c/2 | "D" dD F/2G/2A | "G" BB "D" Ad | F/2E/2D "A" E2 |
"A" c>d ed/2c/2 | "D" dD F/2G/2A | "G" BB "D"Ad | "A" e/d/c "D" d2 😐
"A" EA, A,G | "D" FD/2E/2 F/2G/2A | "G" BB "D" Ad | F/2E/2D "A" E2 |
"A" EA, A,G | "D" FD/2E/2 F/2G/2A | "G" BB "D"Ad | "A" e/d/c "D" d2 😐
a2ag | f2fe/f/ | gg fa | a/g/f e2 |
a2ag | f2fe/f/ | gg fa |g/f/ e d2 😐

T:Set 13: Hunt The Squirrel - Sussex Carol
T:Hunt The Squirrel
"G"G2d d2e|d3B3|GAB "D"A2"G"G|"G"GAB "D"A2"G"G|"G"G2d d2e|d3B3|GAB "D"A2G|"G"G3-G3:|
|:"C"c2d edc|c2d edc|c2d e2f|"C"g3-g "D"fe|"G"d2B d2B|d2B d3|"Em"GAB "D"A2G|1,2"G"G3-G3:|"Going on"G3-G2|
T:Sussex Carol, The
d |: "G"d2B "C"c2d | "G"BAG "D"A2F | "G"G2G "C"ABc | "D"B2A "G"G3 😐
| "D"A3 "Am"A2G | "D"ABc "Am"dcB | "D"A3- "Am"A3 \
|[M:9/8] "G"d3 "C"e3 "G"d3 |[M:6/8] "Am"c2B "D"AGA | "G"G3 z3 |]