Picture of assorted folk instruments

January (and February) 2019

New for January are: Christmas Day in da morning (a slightly different version to that played by Bandamania), Set 6 (LNB-Rochdale-TipTop), and Set 7 (Oyster-Ball-Lanoe)

Dots: Christmas Day in da Morning Set 6 LNB Polka, Rochdale coconut, Tip Top Set 7 Oyster Girl, The Ball, Captain Lanoe

The full PDF score, which includes everything to date: Jan 2019

The playlist for January/February is here: Playlist for January

Recordings (remember that YouTube can be slowed down):

ABC notation:

X: 6
T:Christmas Day in da Morning
S:Trad, arr Phil Rowe
“D”f2d f3|”A”e2d c2A|”G”B2G d2c|BG2 G3|”A”e2f g2f|e2d c2B|
“A”ABA ABc|”D”d3 d2e|”D”fa2 a3|”A”e2d c2A|”G”B2G d2c|
BG2 G3|”A”e2f g2f|e2d c2B|”A”ABA ABc|”D”d3 d3 |
|:”Em”e3 (4edef|g3 B3|”D”A2A A2A|B2c dB2|”Em”e3 (4edef|g3 B3|”D”A2e d2B|\
“Am”A3 A3: |