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September 2018

Two great new tunes for September: The Sportsman’s Hornpipe and Four Up. The Hornpipe needs to be played with a broken rhythm (pairs of quavers played nearly as a dotted quaver plus a semiquaver) rather than straight.
The melodies are simple but the melodeonistas who are playing melody and chords will find themselves switching rows to get the chords that I’ve suggested – excellent practice!

The dots for the new tunes are here: Four Up and Sportsman’s Hornpipe.

Recordings of the new tunes are here: Four Up and Sportsman’s Hornpipe (although I feel that Sportsman should be played with a stronger Hornpipe broken rhythm).

The full PDF score for September is here: Almeley SS – September 2018(this includes everything to date, including the new tunes).

The playlist for September is here: Playlist for September

ABC for the new tunes:

T:Four Up
C:Barry Goodman
|:”Em”E2 EF G2 GA|”Em” BA GB-BA G2|”Am”AF AB “D”AG F2|”Em”E2 F2 G2 F2|
“Em”E2 EF G2 GA|”Em”BA GB-BA G2|”Am”AF AB “D”AG F2|1″Em”G2 F2 E2 D2:||2″Em”G2 F2 E2 B2 |
|:”C”c2 c c2 c c2|”Em”BA GB-BA G2|”Am”AF AB “D”AG F2|”Em”G2 A2 B4|
“C”c2 c c2 c c2|”Em”BA GB-BA G2|”Am”AF AB “D”AG F2|1″Em”G2 F2 E2 B2:|2″Em”G2 F2 E2 D2|
T:Sportsman’s Hornpipe, The
T: (Hornpipe rhythym, play heavily dotted)
|: AB | “Am”c2 cA “G”B2 BA | “Em”GABc “G”dBGB | “Am”c2 cA “G”B2 BA | “Am”E2 A2 A2 AB |
“Am”c2 cA “G”B2 BA | “Em”GABc “G”dBGB | “C”gfge “G”dBAG |1 “Am”E2 A2 A2 :|2 “Am”E2 A2 A3 E |
|: “Am”ABcd efge | “D”afdf “Am”edcB | “Am”ABcd efge | “D”afdf “Am”e2 (3efg |
“Am”a2 af “G”g2 ge | “C”c2 ce “G”dBGB | “Am”cBcA “G”BABG |1 “Am”E2 A2 A3 E :|2 “Am”E2 A2 A2 😐