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January 2020

For one month only, the session is moving to the second Thursday: 9th of January.

The new tune for this month is “Jacky Robinson”, a great step dance tune from “Songs of the open road – Didakei ditties and Gypsy Dances”. This collection was gathered by Alice Gillington from Hampshire and the New Forest, published in 1911, and is available (free!) here. If you find yourself near Southampton on the 3rd Wednesday of the month you will probably find people step-dancing to this tune (and others) in the session at Samuel’s Rest SO32 2JB.

Jacky Robinson
Set 12 Stockport Polka – Tip Top Polka

The full PDF score, which includes everything to date: Jan 2020

The playlist for January is Jan 2020. It lists all the tunes in our repertoire and shows this month’s playing order for each of the two halves of the evening. We’ll play each tune 3 or 4 times and have a short break around 9 PM. After 10PM it’s a regular session, with any tune or song and at any speed.

Please remember to thank our hosts, Jason and Lisa, and to support the bar during the evening.

Recording (remember that there are apps, software and web tools that will slow things down if needed):
Jacky Robinson, played by Jigfoot
Dancing to Jacky Robinson (poor sound quality)

ABC notation:
T:Jacky Robinson
T:Old Ferry Dance
O:Hampshire and New Forest
D2 FG AB AG | “D”F2D2D4|:”D”D2A2A3G | “D”F2D2D4 | “Em”E2B2B3A | “Em”B2E2E2EF|
“G”G2GAB2BG | “D”F2FDB,2A,2 | “D”DD FG AB AG | “D”F2D2D4 😐
|:”D”d2 cd “Em”efed | “A”c2B2″D”A2AB | “C”=c2Bc”G”d2dc | “G”B=cAB G2 GA |
“G”.B.A.G.B”D”.A2GF | “G”.B.A.G.B”D”.A2FG | “D”dedB AFDF | “A”!>!E2″D” !>!D2!>!D4 😐