Picture of assorted folk instruments

June 2020

The Tune Of The Month is Maguire and Paterson, a lovely slow waltz.
There’s also a “fun” tune called Pumpkin Soup, it’s not really “folk” but I think many people will enjoy it.


The full PDF score, which includes everything to date: Jun 2020

We won’t be able to play together in June so please make-up your own playlist, but include the new tunes, plus a quick reprise of the recent TOTMs.

Recordings. Remember that these recordings may not be in the same key or have exactly the same notes that we’re playing, but they should help give a feel for the tune.There are plenty of apps, software and web tools that will slow-down or transpose tunes if needed.

ABC notation:

T:Maguire And Paterson
(DGB) | "G"d2>e2 d2| d2c2B2 | "D"A2G2A2 | "G"B2>(D2 GB) |d2>e2 d2 | d2c2B2 | "D"A2G2A2 | "G"G2>(D2 GA) |
B2>c2B2 | B2>c2B2 | B2>c2B2 | B4 A2 |"C"G2>A2 B2 | "D"A4 G2 | "C"(G6 | "G"G3)def ||
"Em"g2>a2 g2 | "D"f2e2d2 | "C"d2g2d2 | e2>(d2 ef) |"Em"g2>a2 g2 | "D"f2e2d2 | "C"d2g2b2 | "D"a4 (GB) |
"G"d2>e2d2 | d2c2B2 | "D"A2G2A2 | "G"B4 (BA) |"C"G2>A2 B2 | "D"A4 G2 | "C"(G6 | "G"G3)||

T:Pumpkin Soup
C:Andy Cant
(3A/d3/e/|:"D"f>a f>f -f>f e>d | "G"B>d B>A-"D"A2 d>B |
 "D"A>B d>e f>e f>a |"A" f>e e>e -e>A d>e | 
"D"f>a f>f -f>f e>d | "G"B>d B>A-"D"A2 d>B | A>B d>e "A7"f>f e>f |1 "D"e>d d>d -d>A "A7"d>e :|2 "D"e>d d>d -d>d c>d |
"A"e>A A>A- A>e d>e | "D"f>A A>A -A2 e>f |"Em" g>g g>g -g>e f>g | "A7"a4-a>A d>e |
"D"f>a f>f -f>f e>d | "G"B>d B>A-"D"A2 d>B | A>B d>e "A7"f>f e>f | "D"e>d d>d -d>d c>f | 
"A"e>c A>a -a>e c>A | "D"f>d A>a -a2 e>f|"Em"(3gfe (3gfe g>e f>g | "A7"a4 -a>A d>e | 
"D"f>a f>f -f>f e>d | "G"B>d B>A -"D"A2 d>B | A>B d>e "A7"f>f e>f | "D"e>d d>d -d2||