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March 2020

There are two new tunes for this month: Josefin’s Dopvals and a quickstep from Battle of Prague, plus I’ve added David Johnson’s countermelody to the B part of “Traveller’s Joy”.


  • Traveller’s Joy(1) – updated
  • Battle of Prague(2) (from Nick Barber’s English Choice). This is based on a Quickstep movement from The Battle of Prague, composed by František Kocžwara in 1788. Should you be interested, the whole piece is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3CJRaj_gvo and a description of Kotswara’s unusual death is here: Kotswara
  • Josefin’s Waltz(1) (In a few places there are notes which some melodeonistas won’t have available (low Bs and Cs) so I’ve added alternative notes. Take the low road in preference, but take the high road if you don’t have all the notes for the low road.)

The full PDF score, which includes everything to date: Mar 2020(2)

The playlist for March is here: Mar 2020 Play List.
This lists all the tunes in our repertoire and shows this month’s playing order for each of the two halves of the evening. We’ll play each tune 3 or 4 times and have a short break around 9 PM. After 10PM it’s a regular session, with any tune or song and at any speed.

Please remember to thank our hosts, Jason and Lisa, and to support the bar during the evening.

Recordings (remember that there are apps, software and web tools that will slow things down if needed):

  • Josefin’s Dopvals (played by the composer): Josefin’s Dopvals
  • Josefin’s Dopvals (with an eccentric blower): Josefin’s Dopvals
  • Battle of Prague: sorry, I’ve failed to find a public-domain recording of this version (but it’s an easy tune!)

ABC notation:

T:Battle of Prague
T:Quickstep: Turkish March
C:Frantisek Kotzwara (1730-1791)
A:Nick Barber
"D"a3 g f2f2 | "D"fgfe d2d2 | "A"e2d2e2c2 | "D"dcde fefg | 
"D"a3 g f2f2 | "D"fgfe d2d2 | "A"e2d2e2c2 | "D"d4d4 😐
|:"A"e4"D"f4 | "A"g3fe2e2 | "D"f4"A"g4 | "D"a3gf2aa |
"D"a2fa"A"g2f2|"D"a2fa"A"g2f2 | "D"a2ba"A"g2f2 | "D"f4"A"e4 😐  

T:Josefin's Waltz
T: Johsefins dopvals, Josephin's Christening Waltz
C:Roger Tallroth (Sweden, 1994)
Q: 3/4=60
L: 1/4
D|:"G"DGA|B d c|BAG|D2 E|"C" [EC2]> [EC][EC]|EGF|E3|"D"D2D|
"G"DGA|B d c|BAG|D2 E|"C"[EC2]> [EC][EC]| EFG|1 "D"A3-|A G E :|2"D" A3-|A B c|
|"G"dBd|g2f|"C"e3|"G"d2B|"C"ced|cBA|"G"B>c B|"D"ABc|
|"G"dBd|"Em"g2f|"C"e3|"Bm/G"d2B|"C"ced|"Am"cBA|"G"B>c B|"D"ABc|
|"Em"BAG|"D"F2G|"C"G3|[cC]>[dD][cC]|"G"[B,B][dD][gG]|"D"[fF][eE][fF]|"G"[g3G3]|1[gG][Bd]c :|2[g2G2] ||g3G3]|1[g2G2]d :|2g2 z ||

T:Traveller's Joy
C:Janet May
"A" c>d ed/2c/2 | "D" dD F/2G/2A | "G" BB "D" Ad | F/2E/2D "A" E2 |
"A" c>d ed/2c/2 | "D" dD F/2G/2A | "G" BB "D"Ad | "A" e/d/c "D" d2 😐
|:"A" EA, A,G | "D" FD/2E/2 F/2G/2A | "G" BB "D" Ad | F/2E/2D "A" E2 |
"A" EA, A,G | "D" FD/2E/2 F/2G/2A | "G" BB "D"Ad | "A" e/d/c "D" d2 😐
"A"a2ag |"D" f2fe/f/ |"G" gg "D"fa | "A"a/g/f e2 |
"A"a2ag | "D"f2fe/f/ | "G"gg "D"fa |"A"g/f/ e "D"d2 😐
|:"A"A>A AB/c/ | "D"d2 D/E/F | "G"GG "D"FA | d/c/B "A"A2 |
"A"A>A AB/c/ |"D"d2 f/e/d | "G"GG "D"FA | "A"c/B/A "D"d2:|